My Final Entry

I think I can speak for most people that exams are associated with a fear response. I felt mostly negative emotions welling up inside as my email notified me of the announcement for the final exams. Fear, doubt, anxiety, and hunger were some of the negative emotions that I felt. Furthermore, the early announcement also… Continue reading My Final Entry


My Final Remarks

The course EDS 111 has been a treasure cove of new learning that I can expect to reflect on when I become a teacher. As with all the courses I have previously taken, new realizations and further insights on teaching have been found. However, as I have feared, more realizations and insights have lead to… Continue reading My Final Remarks

Principles of Effective Teaching

This module focuses on the Principles of Effective Teaching which are working with diverse students, creativity, and scholarship of teaching and learning. I realize that in most of my previous forum entries (in previous courses as well) I am very fond of using diversity and creativity whenever effective teaching practices are involved. I think it… Continue reading Principles of Effective Teaching

Learning is Continuous: Especially for Teachers

This module focuses on Continuing Professional Development (CPD) and Professional Learning Communities (PLC). My perception of Professional Development before having read the resources involved keeping up with changes and adapting to them. This is what I have inferred after watching the introductory video of the module. After reading the resources, I still believe that professional… Continue reading Learning is Continuous: Especially for Teachers

Constructivist Theories of Learning

I have found constructivist theories of learning to be rather fascinating. That is because most of my beliefs about the process of learning are reflected in constructivism. I believe in a learner-centered approach where the student is the center of the teacher-learning process while the teacher only serves as facilitator. However, I have mixed interpretations… Continue reading Constructivist Theories of Learning

Task 6: Activity 4 Part 2

How would you describe your teaching perspectives prior to your reading of the module resources? How would you compare your prior conceptions about learning and teaching to the ideas discussed in the resources of this module? What factors influenced your conceptions about teaching and learning? I would describe my perspective of teaching to be more… Continue reading Task 6: Activity 4 Part 2

Teaching Perspectives

Teaching perspectives shape the way how the teaching-learning process works. Reading the resources made me realize the different perspectives of teaching that I never even considered. Sociol-emotional learning was one approach which I have not considered. I always had the assumption that since teaching is a profession, private (emotional) and work (professional) should be separate… Continue reading Teaching Perspectives

A Trip Down Memory Lane

Module 5 is about the cognitive theories of learning which includes the Information Processing Theories (IPTs), the Cognitive Load Theory (CLT), and the Dual Coding Theory (DCT). The learning that I have gained from the module was abundant as the amount of resources given. Nevertheless, I can say with certainly that I have gained a… Continue reading A Trip Down Memory Lane

My Knowledge on the Knowledge Bases of Teaching

The module discusses on the different knowledge bases of teaching. Encountering this relatively ‘alien construct,’ confusion is inevitable. Reading through the resources made me realize what knowledge bases actually are. I would like to think of them as ‘something or things’ that make a teacher an effective teacher and a professional. I understand that this… Continue reading My Knowledge on the Knowledge Bases of Teaching

Social Learning Theory – A Plan of Action

The fourth module of the course discusses Albert Bandura’s Social Learning Theory (SLT) and later modified to Social Cognitive Theory (SCT). Compared to the behaviorist theories of learning, SLT has a wider perspective on human behavior because it considers the cognitive faculties that humans have. I like to think of SLT as an upgrade to… Continue reading Social Learning Theory – A Plan of Action